Monmouthshire Bat Group

Welcome to the Monmouthshire Bat Group

The Monmouthshire Bat Group was established in 2007 to promote the conservation of Bats in Monmouthshire (Wales, UK).

The Monmouthshire Bat Group works to:

  • Conserve and monitor important bat colonies within the county

  • Maintain records of the eleven known breeding species in Monmouthshire

  • Assist householders with queries about their bats

  • Care for injured and starving bats

  • Promote the conservation of bats through public events

  • Liaise with and support bodies such as the Forestry Commission, Monmouthshire County
    Council Wye Valley AONB, and Countryside Council for Wales

We are a small informal group of dedicated people who work on an entirely voluntary basis, we welcome
any financial support for our work.
We have ‘Network’ affiliation to the Bat Conservation Trust, an organisation which co-ordinates bat conservation in the UK
and which promotes bat conservation at National/Government level.
Brown long eared bats roosting